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David Letterman is a HUGE fan of Norm, I think we should all flood the Late Show with letters about World Wide Pants picking up the show.. I urge everyone to do that! SEND THE LETTER BELOW SEVERAL TIMES.. BUT PUT YOUR NAME AT THE END, NOT THE WORDS 'YOUR NAME'

Dear Dave,

Would you please consider having your company 'World Wide Pants' pick up 'Norm' it was a hilarious show and I know you are a big fan of Norm Macdonald and his now cancelled sitcom. If 'World Wide Pants' along with 'Mohawk Productions' (which currently makes 'Norm') shopped the show around to networks like CBS, NBC, HBO, FOX, WB, UPN, Comedy Central or any other major network it is sure to get picked up if the network could share ownership of the show. ABC was stupid by putting the show on Friday night, let's put this great show on a great network that wont screw things up. Please for the love of Norm pick up the show, maybe you can put it in your CBS contract to develop another show, CBS owes you for 'Everybody Loves Raymond's success, please, Norm Macdonald needs to be in prime-time comedy, help out a fellow fan!

-Your Name